Sometime after the OU victory, my brother and I started talking about going to the Rose Bowl. Like thousands of fans like us, we were all hoping... and pricing travel arrangements. As the season grew closer to the Big 12 Championship, the hoping became a reality.

I knew that my father had given enough money to the Foundation back in February that we'd get tickets to the game... so the only question mark was the cost of travelling. Doing some quick calculations, I determined it was going to cost over $1000 per person to travel to LA. None of my friends or family could afford it; I'd mortgage my house if that's what it took.

After briefly flirting with the idea of going alone, I massaged the travel numbers and the cost started to go down. When my brother and his fiancee decided they couldn't go, I was able to sell their extra tickets to one of my dad's closets business associates... which really helped defray some of the costs. By that point, my friend Jonn was able to go.

In the excitement of the trip, Jonn and I created some t-shirts for us to commemorate the trip. As we showed them to family and friends, we quickly realized that we could make a little extra spending money for the trip if we sold the shirts. In 45 minutes, sitting in our favorite coffee shop, we launched It was a simple one-page site with our two t-shirt designs.

With a little creative maneuvering, we had over 20,000 hits on the site that first week. Of course, we weren't selling anything close to that number, but it was cool nonetheless. We even were scheduled to be interviewed on a local TV news station. However, our popularity soon caught the attention of the Collegiate Licensing Company, which sent us a letter to stop selling the shirts. Without hesitation, we shut down our little operation... we'd had our fun and had no wish to harm the University in any way.

With all the fun we had doing the t-shirt site, we decided to blog our experience for our family and friends. I hope you enjoy our little site and be sure to leave a message in the Guestbook!

Hook 'em!