Day 6: January 5th, 2006

West Hollywood

We got up early to catch our plane but realized that the flight left later than we thought. So we had several hours to kill before having to go to the airport. We headed down to West Hollywood to check out some of the shops we had seen while driving around during the week.

We randomly stopped in a few places... walking in to a pet shop to get change for the meter. The moment we walked in, the shop owner, Hal, started talking to us. He was very over the top, cracking jokes, at times singing, playing a typical campy gay man. It was hilarious. The longer we stayed, the more of his life story we heard. Apparently, he was a former hollywood lawyer that often got placed in the director or producer role if someone got fired... or in one case when a guy committed suicide. I'll spare the gory details, but suffice to say that it was pretty bizarre conversation for someone we just met. We stayed and chatted with him for a while, with Jonn purchasing an orange collar for his dog... so we could get change for the meter.

We walked into a few other stores and very quickly realized a major difference between Texas and California... friendliness. Not just from the people working in the stores, but even the people shopping! Several times we'd walk into a store where the staff were on the phone and didn't ask if we needed help... or even funnier, when Jonn tried to ask a woman a question and she just looked him up and down and shrugged him off! It became clear that it was time to go back home.

After getting a quick bite to eat, we drove down Melrose looking at the shops. There were so many cool little places, it was a shame that we didn't have time to stop and look around. However, one stop we did have to make was to See's Candies. We ended up stopping at their production facility... and it smelled awesome! After we purchased more than our fair share of chocolate, we headed to the airport.

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Hal, the pet store owner
Hal, the pet store owner