Day 2: New Years Day

Going to Disneyland

The Disney store was no help getting tickets, although we did get into a great conversation with a couple of the "cast members" about the game... a sign of things to come.

We walked back over to the Hollywood&Highland complex to their ticket office to obtain some passes to the park. The rain was starting to come down a little harder, so we weren't sure if we even wanted to go, since it was already nearing 2pm. The ticket agent was very helpful, although not too encouraging. He explained that if you don't go early, it's possible that the park will be too full and not accepting any new visitors... but there's no way to find out if that has occurred without actually going down to the park.

Undeterred, we decided to proceed. Of course, we needed 2-day passes which we needed to go to the park to get anyway. So we jumped in the car and started to head South to Anaheim. On the way we stopped in a weird little Asian store on Santa Monica Blvd. to find an umbrella. Thankfully they still had some, as the weather was clearing out umbrellas all over town.

After a fairly long drive, we saw the exit for Disneyland Drive. Given the weather, we weren't sure how crowded it would be... but once we made our way to the huge parking garages and were forced to park on the top floor, it was clear that no one else was deterred from going to Disney. We boarded the tram for the park, purchased our two tickets, and entered The Happiest Place on Earth.

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