Day 2: New Years Day

Hollywood Bowl

After getting a little lost trying to navigate around the 101, we finally arrived at the Hollywood Bowl. There was barely anyone around in the cold, damp weather so we just strolled on in to the amphitheater.

The Bowl is really amazing. Everything from the classic shape of the stage to the large amount of seating just made it an awesome sight. We were able to actually go up on the stage and look around. On TV and in the movies it looks like the structure is made of concrete... but this was all simple plywood construction. Apparently the bowl was very recently renovated, which included rebuilding the entire enclosure (we stumbled upon a private tour and took it upon ourselves to jump in!).

It was really quite amazing that there was basically no security or barriers to prevent access to the stage or seating. We had free reign of the outside... of course the backstage areas were behind closed doors. But still, it was really cool to be able to get up on the stage and look out on to the same view that so many famous musicians have before.

Check out the view from the stage of the Bowl
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Jimmy in the Hollywood Bowl
Jimmy in the Hollywood Bowl